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Yes, you can either collect points in store or by placing an order through our Hungry Zus online storefront, but make sure to provide your phone number at checkout.

Not at this moment, you may only redeem the rewards at the store by providing your phone number to our crew member at the check out

You may log in to your account here or click on the link you received via SMS to go to your status page.

You can keep track of any points that are expiring from a specific merchant on the buyer status page.

To view your expiring points in the current month, click on the link you received via SMS to go to your status page. You will also be notified 14 days before your points expire at the end of the month.

Not at this time. A reward can be redeemed once. If you don’t redeem the full value, the remainder of the reward can’t be redeemed at a later time.

When you redeem a reward, your card statement may initially show a pending charge for the full transaction amount. When the transaction is finalized, usually 1–2 days later, the charge will reflect the discounted price.

With Loyalty in Receipts, you can view how many points you’ve just earned by looking at your digital receipt. You can also click on your Loyalty Status page link on the digital receipt for more information about the Loyalty program, including available rewards and historical Loyalty activities. However, Loyalty points earned only appear on digital receipts and do not appear on printed receipts at this time.

For every dollar spent , you will be rewarded with a Thunder
50 Thunders = claim one of our house made refreshers
100 Thunders = 10% Off on your next purchase
200 Thunders = one free signature pita wrap or bowl *
Disclaimer *
*Extra add-ons are excluded in the promotion

There is no maximum for points, but we suggest redeeming them for tasty rewards. Points expire after six months of no purchase or redemption activity.

We can adjust your rewards after a previous purchase but you need to bring the receipt as a proof of purchase and provide us with your phone number.

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